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People still ask me from time to time, hey, what's the deal with your Doctorate? Is it in Economics? Is it in Agriculture? I'm getting tired of telling them that yes!!! It is an Economics Doctorate, and yes, we do have to take exactly the same CORE courses and program that the PhD in pure economics, and that the only difference is that we make an emphasis in the applied section, that is, while the two programs take two Microeconomic Theory courses, they (the PhD in economics) take an additional course in Theory, Micro Theory III, while we take a third course called Microeconomic Workshop, which is basically empirical practices. This same logic is true for other main disciplines of economics, macro, international trade and econometrics. We do estimate production and other functions empirically, we do optimizations that take two days of calculations in the fastest computers, empirically, not only as a seven pages long Kuhn Tucker optimization exercise of calculus in a notebook. We do use, we have to use, econometric methods intensively, maybe even more so that in the Economics Department!  In doing so, we do encounter serious practical problems that need to be addressed. And while we normally apply our economic tools to analyze agricultural problems, that may not always be the case. We would tackle any kind of problem as long as is empirical. My dissertation topic for instance is on legal and illegal immigration dynamics and labor market aspects of it, so the program is pretty flexible in the applications.

In the next section I will post some of the materials of my CORE program, which is exactly the same than the PhD program in Economics. Actually students from 3 PhD programs take pretty much the same CORE classes, PhD in Finance, PhD in Economics and us, PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics, we were all classmates. As you will see, we applied economists do know serious economics! Here are the lecture notes I took during my CORE courses, or at least most of them!, University of Florida course code shown in parenthesis:

BEFORE THE CORE SEQUENCE ===========================================================================================================>>
At the University of Florida, you HAVE TO TAKE AND PASS A KILLER Math Camp!! (Simon & Blume) if you want to have a PhD in Economics
We also take Probability (STA 5325) in the Statistics Department. (Wackerly) ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Elements of Econometric (AEB 6553)This class is basically the Damodar Gujarati's Textbook. Syllabus ONLY
Microeconomic Principles (AEB 6106) This class is basically the Walter Nicholson's Textbook. Syllabus ONLY
CORE SEQUENCE ===========================================================================================================>>
Static and Dynamic Optimization Models (AEB 6533) (Simon & Blume, Boyce & DiPrima, Chang) CORE, ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Mathematical Statistics (AEB 6933) (Casella's Statistical Inference) My CORE course. ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Microeconomic Theory 1 (ECO 7115) (Mas-Colell, Silberberg, Reny, Papers). Some practice exams. ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Microeconomic Theory 2 (AEB 6108) (Mas-Colell, Silberberg, Reny, Papers). Some practice exams. ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Microeconomic Workshops 1 and 2 ( AEB 6921 & AEB 6934) Empirical Practices. ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Macroeconomic Theory 1 (ECO 7206) (Romer, Blanchard, Sargent, Papers). Some practice exams. ALL COURSE MATERIALS
Macroeconomic Theory 2 (AEB 6240) (Barro, Blanchard, Dornbush, Papers). Some practice exams. ALL COURSE MATERIALS


Econometric Methods (AEB 6571) This course is basically Greene's Econometrics, with parts of Amemiya's book. Syllabus ONLY
Econometric Methods 1 (ECO 7426) ALL MY ECONOMETRICS CORE course materials, exams. (Wooldridge, Cameron, papers)
Econometric Methods 2 (ECO 7427) ALL MY ECONOMETRICS CORE course materials, exams. (Wooldridge, Cameron, Hsiao, papers)

AFTER THE CORE SEQUENCE ===========================================================================================================>>
Game Theory (ECO 7404) (Gibbons, Tirole, Mas-Colell) ALL MY COURSE MATERIALS, condensed
Welfare Economics (AEB 6933) A really nice course, lectured by one of the few Eminent Scholars here at the University of Florida, Dr. Andrew Schmitz. ALL MY MATERIALS
Agricultural Markets (AEB 6363) (Many references, papers) ALL MY COURSE MATERIALS, condensed
Public Economics in Food and Resource Economics (AEB 6905) (Many references, papers) ALL MY COURSE MATERIALS, condensed


I also took classes in International Trade (Feenstra, Bhagwati, papers), and Time Series Analisis (Brockwell, Enders), Production Economics (Jorgenson, papers), Risk Management (Many references, papers), Methods and Research, among many others (My transcript is available upon request)


OTHER USEFUL MATERIALS ===========================================================================================================>>
Stata Notes A selection of the most useful comands, and a brief introduction to programming in Stata
Eviews 5 User's Guide All the Eviews you would ever want to know
SAS User's Guide Excellent link to an online tutorial of SAS from Arizona State University
GAMS User's Guide Most of the GAMS power you will ever need
Gauss User's Guide Notes on Gauss
Panel Data Notes Useful Notes on Cross Section and Panel Data Econometrics
Eviews 6 Software Latests version of Eviews.